School Gardens currently thrive at Sharpstein, Edison, Green Park, Berney and Prospect Point Elementary Schools as well as Pioneer and Garrison Middle Schools.

We envision a school garden program where students feed their bodies and minds growing and tasting fresh healthy foods while experiencing science that’s come to life through hands on lessons in the garden. School gardens don’t only expose students to healthy, seasonal foods; they challenge students to think critically through lessons that cross curriculum (language arts, social studies, math, art and especially life and earth science).

School gardens impact academic achievement as well as student’s overall attitudes about school and learning. Along with growing salad greens and radishes students cultivate respect for nature, patience and team work.

School garden support

Monthly workshops help guide school garden teams

We actively recruit and train community volunteers to assist in overseeing garden lessons, after school garden club or to help at garden maintenance work parties.

Science Curriculum Integration at Elementary Schools

We provide detailed lesson outlines of multiple garden visits which align with current science curriculum kits and help meet Next Generation Science Standards.

Food Connection and Nutrition Education at Elementary and Middle Schools

We encourage and support parent involvement by providing materials and  lesson orientation to help students explore the garden, plant, harvest and taste fresh produce.

Most garden produce is used during classroom lessons or after school garden club.  When there is surplus, we facilitate connecting with the school cafeterias to schedule a garden produce drop off.  Some schools also connect with the cafeteria to bring kitchen veggie scraps to the garden compost.

After School Garden Club


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